Since the beginning of time, man has found a way to become “still” and find some inner peace.  Many of the early beginnings of meditation had various “rituals” of practice.   Whether there was incense burning in the Buddhist Temples of India, or the Greek Philosophers leading the way through poetic contemplation,  Meditation has been a spiritual ritual throughout the ages.   This practice was to help lead people to find their inner truth, grow spiritually  and find a breath of the divine to comfort them.  Many of the major religions throughout the ages incorporated meditation into their daily devotions and that is still true today.




Perhaps one of the greatest rewards to meditation and prayer is the sense of belonging.  Through meditation we no longer feel alone and without purpose.  The wisdom that can come through quieting your mind and “listening”  is ageless.  In modern day times, we have a wide variety of meditation practices and each person can find their own path to enlightenment.


For some, mediation is sitting quietly and listening in silence.  There are also many people who find it much more beneficial to have a “guided meditation” which leads them into a journey for a specific purpose.  It may be to “heal” or maintain good health or perhaps to just find away to relieve the everyday “stress” of their life.  Still others find meditation and good practice to connect with their inner power that allows them to bring this flow of power to their outer world.


Meditation can bring a transformation of perspective which, at ALMA PACÍFICA,  we call INNER VISION.  Those of us seeking our true nature will find that meditation can help us calm the winds of turbulence that we are living in.


Through meditation, there is a galaxy of light and a source of spiritual energy that is yours to tap into.  To “BE STILL” is to find God.  When you can find your  “natural”  rhythm with meditation you will reinforce a more positive attitude.  To begin to develop these meditation practices will become a way of  life.  Whatever you seek, spiritual evolution, enlightenment, freedom or oneness with God, meditation is one powerful way to assist you on your path.


Like the garden, light and silence bare the fruit of many benefits of meditation.  To uproot the negative thoughts, like the weeds in our garden, is to purify the mind and the body.  This purification can bring Radiant health, the ability to slow down and really experience life as it goes by every moment.  Learning to stay in the power of the moment is one of the great benefits of meditation practices.  If you are experiencing heavy debt you may find great comfort in meditation to help change your perspective on finances and your relationship to money.  As you learn to “let go” in meditation and simplify your thoughts, you may find your outer life being simplified and may find yourself wanting to lessen these debts and lighten your stress and anxiety over money.


Each time you lessen the burden of thoughts that gather like a committee in your mind, your vision and clarity are enlightened through meditation.  You no longer find yourself at the “mercy” of the outer world and all its activity, but become stronger in your daily choices and decisions in life through meditation.  To “focus” your attention inward will become stronger as your meditation skills  grow and it will bring great peace of mind.


In these current times of the energy moving so fast with the accelerated pace of living, we can find a way to lift the negative vibrations from our life through meditation.





Meditation is such a personal experience that in time you will find

“what is best for you”.   With so many types of meditations these days, you have many paths to choose.   There is no right or wrong about meditation practices, there is only the perfect path for you.  We encourage you to try different types of meditation practices and you will find which one suites your  needs.


In this busy world, we have created a way at Alma Pacifica to bring Meditation to you  “at your fingertips”, any time of the day or night..  Our goal is to aid you on your journey to enlightenment with the Meditation of Alma Pacífica APP available to you  through Apple’s APP store.




Getting Started:


Meditating can be a simple quieting of your mind.  We offer Guided journeys that bring you inner peace and a way to clear your mind for your “wisdom” and “intuition” to come through.


These meditations can bring more energy flow and light to your life so that each day can be lived from a place of quiet inner direction.   With these meditations you can feel more emotionally in balance living a divinely guided life.  When your trust your thoughts, you trust your life.   With an open heart we wish you a peaceful and light filled journey.



What Position to Meditate:


Meditation is all about “energy” flow  and quieting the mind.   To start, we suggest that your posture is upright  with your feet on the flow in a “comfortable” relaxed position.  Posture is very important when getting started, so find the perfect placement for “your body” and “spirit”.  A good way to GET STARTED is to listen to our HARMONY- INTRODUCTION MEDITATION JOURNEY first.



Quieting your Thoughts:


We have found that the next step getting started with your meditation journey is to quiet your thoughts.   Now this is not an easy task!  Thoughts can be like busy little children jumping from thought to thought.   A wise suggestion may be to FOCUS you mind on a peaceful place.  It could be a soft and gentle breeze in a meadow,  it could be a calm lake reflecting the beautiful light of the Sun .. whatever quiets YOUR MIND.  Remember, what you resist, persists!  So whatever thoughts come,  do not struggle to push them away, simply let them flow by…


DETACHMENT is the KEY to meditation so let the thoughts flow and they will go…



Length of meditations:


The amount of time you meditate can vary greatly.   If you are somewhat new to meditating you may need to start out with shorter periods of time.   We would suggest perhaps 7 to 10 minutes in the beginning.   As you grow, or if you are already experienced at meditation,  you may want to expand the time to 15 to 20 minutes.  You will find your own comfort zone for meditating.



How often to meditate:


We have found that the daily practice of meditation usually brings the best results for a more relaxed and peaceful mind. You may find that the mornings are the best time to meditation. Upon awakening, find the perfect meditation chair for yourself and try and be consistent in going to that place every time you meditate.  You may notice that the more you meditate in that spot, the more peaceful energy you have built up in this place.  Others may feel that BEFORE you go to sleep is the best time for meditation.   This way you can “let go” of the daily stresses and events of the day and calm you body, mind and soul therefore bringing a much more restful sleep.


As you begin to experience the world of meditation, you will find your own personal preference in how often to meditate, how long to meditate, and WHEN to meditate.  There is no right or wrong, there is only your personal journey fits your world…


Alma Pacífica has many “types” of journeys for very specific reasons, SO the frequency with which you meditate may depend on the TYPES of meditation journey you choose.   You may do a DAILY RELAXATION meditation to stay in a the flow of life.   For more specific journeys, you may find that you use these journeys at different times of the days.  For instance, our meditation journey

on HARMONY may be a daily meditation for you if your life  tends to have more stress and you may want to use this meditation before you go to sleep.   If you simply want to have a more loving relationship, you may listen to Love & Relationships when you first get up to set the tone of your day.






In meditation,  we have found it is important to have a certain posture and position that can help intensify your meditation time and help you to deepen your meditations.  Also, some people like to meditate in the “same spot” to build up the energy in that area.  You will find what works for you.


Some of the difficulties in meditation can stem from your neck hurting or your spine starting to tense up and make you feel restless and uncomfortable.   You may find it very difficult to find a comfortable position.  This is very common, especially the people who are new to meditation.  Do not be discouraged, you will find that after time,  positions will become more natural and comfortable.   When you first start, it may be best to find a straight backed chair and sit with your  back straight and hands palms down.   The reason we recommend a straight back is that it keeps you aware and alert and helps to not become sleepy.  Some people find it easier to sit in a “lotus or half lotus” position but you will find the right position for yourself as you practice meditation.


Other difficulties and one of the most common, is how do you QUIET your mind.   Again this is a personal journey and you may find at first that your mind is full of chatter,  or the “committee upstairs”  as we call it!  These voices that plague you when you are trying to quiet your mind are like naughty little children, so we suggest instead of fighting them,  do NOT RESIST…Just let the thoughts float by and eventually they will thin out and then disappear..





Some people prefer to Meditate in the MORNING upon awakening to set the spiritual tone for their day.   Others find it more helpful to meditate in the EVENING,  right before they go to sleep and it helps them sleep better.  Still others who have been into meditation for awhile like to meditate morning and evening.   As you move into your meditation practice,  you will find what is comfortable for you.


Sometimes our minds are blazing fires, moving so quickly it is hard to slow thoughts down!   This is also very common and when we come in from a busy day, or we wake up in the morning with the mind “chattering”, it may take a little practice to RELAX, RELEASE, and BREATHE!   We all feel restlessness at different times of the day and some of us have racing thoughts all day long…We can put out the fire with the breathe of life and the calming energy deep breathing brings… Meditation may not be “effortless” at first, but with practice, you will find that you are calming down and your life relaxes along with your meditations.. You may hear the acronym "KIS",  "Keep It Simple" and that really does help you to feel a natural flow of energy..  When you don’t give “power” to the restlessness, it will usually dissipate away as you breathe…If it continues,  do pay attention to where it is coming from in your body…We all have “stress” spots..For some, it’s the back of the neck area, for others,  the stomach where all the feelings gather…No matter where the restlessness is in your body,  invite it to stay and do not resist…it will quiet down as you thoughts calm down…





As we become more experienced with meditation, one of the great gifts is that you begin to look with your HEART,  not your eyes.  Another  words things that may “seem” to not be a good experience that we see with our eyes, can  ultimately be a grace given to you to change directions…Meditation helps you to become aware of these “life signs” that direct us in so many ways…


Some call it "synchronicity", others call it divine guidance, whatever words we use to describe those intuitive thoughts,  they can nurtured through meditation bringing us wisdom and a better way of living… Try not to have too many expectations quickly because it takes time to nurture and develop these “gifts”..  We suggest that you try not to think of things as “good or bad”, just your path for each day.  Letting go is difficult for many of us,  but as we learn to relax into meditation, you will learn to “let go” and let it flow..




One of the most common fears of learning to meditate is that many people are afraid of the “feelings” that may come up…Who wants to visit old wounds or come face to face in our mind with resentments,  anger, fear or any number of feelings that we often time try to avoid.    I’ve heard it said “being alone with myself and my thoughts is like visiting a bad neighborhood” !  If we can see the humor in this statement it may help us to relax and become willing to get quiet… Feelings can be very strong and when we quiet our minds, some of these feelings may have been hiding and waiting to come up. Through meditation we learn to NOT RESIST any feelings that come up.


In fact, it may be a very positive experience to really get an honest look at some feelings that may need to be healed and meditation can help with this process.


Once we let the feelings come up, then we let them go…They are like teachers aiding us in our inner journey..  FEELINGS,  LET IT BE is a good way to honor  these emotions..


...brings peace of mind and inner vision to ones life.  It helps to calm your emotions and gives a sense of well being for a healthy body, mind & spirit.


This practice was to help lead people to find their inner truth, grow

spiritually and find a breath of the divine to comfort them.  Many of the major religions throughout the ages incorporated meditation into their daily devotions and that is still true today.


Like the garden, light and silence bare the fruit of many benefits of meditation.  To uproot the negative thoughts, like the weeds in our garden, is to purify the mind and the body.  This purification can bring Radiant health, the ability to slow down and really experience life as it goes by every moment.  Learning to stay in the power of the moment is one of the great benefits of meditation practices.


One of the big questions that is asked is do you eat before meditation and if so, “what”  do you eat.   We suggest that you meditate on an empty stomach without having any food or liquids an hour or two before meditation.  This way your  body is in a more quiet state of contemplation.   You may find over time that your diet changes to more natural foods such as fruits and vegetables with more grains and foods on the “lighter” side.


Nutrition is a very personal thing and it is up to you as to what you put in your body.  Our suggestion is to eat healthy and let your body tell you what it needs.   With time passing, meditation may help you to feel lighter in spirit and therefore your need for heavier foods such as red meats may diminish.  Many people move more toward fish, chicken and much lighter foods.  Make sure you honor your nutrition needs and listen to what your intuition and body is telling you.


It is common practice in may spiritual devotions to “fast” one day a week and clear the energy in your body.  Again, this is a very personal choice but certainly one that can bring some wonderful benefits to your health and well being.  You will have a growing awareness of what you feed your “BODY” and your “MIND” and we encourage to be sensitive to these needs.