Why Meditate

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Through meditation, there is a galaxy of light and a source of spiritual energy that is yours to tap into. To “BE STILL” is to find God. When you can find your “natural” rhythm with meditation you will reinforce a more positive attitude. To begin to develop these meditation practices will become a way of life. Whatever you seek, spiritual growth, enlightenment, freedom or oneness with God, meditation is one powerful way to assist you on your path.

Like the garden, light and silence bare the fruit of many benefits of meditation. To uproot the negative thoughts, like the weeds in our garden, is to purify the mind and the body. This purification can bring Radiant health, the ability to slow down and really experience life as it goes by every moment. Learning to stay in the power of the moment is one of the great benefits of meditation practices. If you are experiencing heavy debt you may find great comfort in meditation to help change your perspective on finances and your relationship to money. As you learn to “let go” in meditation and simplify your thoughts, you may find your outer life being simplified and may find yourself wanting to lessen these debts and lighten your stress and anxiety over money.

Each time you lessen the burden of thoughts that gather like a committee in your mind, your vision and clarity are enlightened thru meditation. You no longer find yourself at the “mercy” of the outer world and all its activity, but become stronger in your daily choices and decisions in life through meditation. To “focus” your attention inward will become stronger as your meditation skills grow and it will bring great peace of mind.

In these current times of the energy moving so fast with the accelerated pace of living, we can find a way to lift the negative vibrations from our life through meditation.


Meditation is such a personal experience that in time you will find “what is best for you”. With so many types of meditations these days, you have many paths to choose. There is no right or wrong about meditation practices, there is only the perfect path for you. We encourage you to try different types of meditation practices and you will find which one suites your needs.

In this busy world, we have created a way at Alma Pacífica to bring Meditation to you “at your fingertips”, any time of the day or night.. Our goal is to aid you on your journey to enlightenment with the Alma Pacifíca APPS available to you thru Apple’s iTunesconnect.