Where to Meditate

peaceful garden with flowers and trees and a garden bench




In meditation, we have found it is important to have a certain posture and position that can help intensify your meditation time and help you to deepen your meditations. Also, some people like to meditate in the “same spot” to build up the energy in that area. You will find what works for you.

Some of the difficulties in meditation can stem from your neck hurting or your spine starting to tense up and make you feel restless and uncomfortable. You may find it very difficult to find a comfortable position. This is very common, especially the people who are new to meditation. Do not be discouraged, you will find that after time, positions will become more natural and comfortable. When you first start, it may be best to find a straight backed chair and sit with your back straight and hands palms down. The reason we recommend a straight back is that it keeps you aware and alert and helps to not become sleepy. Some people find it easier to sit in a “lotus or half lotus” position but you will find the right position for yourself as you practice meditation.

Other difficulties and one of the most common, is how do you QUIET your mind. Again this is a personal journey and you may find at first that your mind is full of chatter, or the “committee upstairs” as we call it! These voices that plague you when you are trying to quiet your mind are like naughty little children, so we suggest instead of fighting them, do NOT RESIST…Just let the thoughts float by and eventually they will thin out and then disappear.