When to Meditate

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Some people prefer to Meditate in the MORNING upon awakening to set the spiritual tone for their day. Others find it more helpful to meditate in the EVENING, right before they go to sleep and it helps them sleep better. Still others who have been into meditation for awhile like to meditate morning and evening. As you move into your meditation practice, you will find what is comfortable for you.

Sometimes our minds are blazing fires, moving so quickly it is hard to slow thoughts down! This is also very common and when we come in from a busy day, or we wake up in the morning with the mind “chattering”, it may
take a little practice to RELAX, RELEASE, and BREATHE! We all feel restlessness at different times of the day and some of us have racing thoughts all day long…We can put out the fire with the breathe of life and the calming energy deep breathing brings… Meditation may not be “effortless” at first, but with practice, you will find that you are calming down and your life relaxes along with your meditations.. You may hear the word KIS, Keep It Simple and that really does help you to feel a natural flow of energy.. When you don’t give “power” to the restlessness, it will usually float away as you breathe…If it continues, do pay attention to where it is coming from in your body…We all have “stress” spots..For some, it’s the back of the neck area, for others, the stomach where all the feelings gather…No matter where the restlessness is in your body, invite it to stay and do not resist…it will quiet down as you thoughts calm down…