What Should I Expect

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As we become more experienced with meditation, one of the great gifts is that you begin to look with your HEART, not your eyes. Another words things that may “seem” to not be a good experience that we see with our eyes, can ultimately be a grace given to you to change directions. Meditation helps you to become aware of these “life signs” that direct us in so many ways.

Some call it synchronicity, others call it divine guidance, whatever words we use to describe those intuitive thoughts, they can nurtured through meditation bringing us wisdom and a better way of living… Try not to have too many expectations quickly because it takes time to nurture and develop these “gifts”. We suggest that you try not to think of things as “good or bad”, just your path for each day. Letting go is difficult for many of us, but as we learn to relax into meditation, you will learn to “let go” and let it flow..


One of the most common fears of learning to meditate is that many people are afraid of the “feelings” that may come up…Who wants to visit old wounds or come face to face in our mind with resentments, anger, fear or any number of feelings that we often time try to avoid. I’ve heard it said “being alone with myself and my thoughts is like visiting a bad neighborhood” !

If we can see the humor in this statement it may help us to relax and become willing to get quiet… Feelings can be very strong and when we quiet our minds, some of these feelings may have been hiding and waiting to come up. Through meditation we learn to NOT RESIST any feelings that come up.

In fact, it may be a very positive experience to really get an honest look at some feelings that may need to be healed and meditation can help with this process.

Once we let the feelings come up, then we let them go…They are like teachers aiding us in our inner journey. FEELINGS, LET IT BE is a good way to honor these emotions..