What is Meditation



Since the beginning of time, man has found a way to become “still” and find some inner peace. Many of the early beginnings of meditation had various “rituals” of practice. Whether there was incense burning in the Buddhist Temples of India, or the Greek Philosophers leading the way thru poetic contemplation, Meditation has been a spiritual ritual throughout the ages. This practice was to help lead people to find their inner truth, grow spiritually and find a breath of the divine to comfort them. Many of the major religions throughout the ages incorporated meditation into their daily devotions and that is still true today.


Perhaps one of the greatest rewards to meditation and prayer is the sense of belonging. Through meditation we no longer feel alone and without purpose. The wisdom that can come thru quieting your mind and “listening” is ageless. In modern day times, we have a wide variety of meditation practices and each person can find their own path to enlightenment.

For some, mediation is sitting quietly and listening in silence. There are also many people who find it much more beneficial to have a “guided meditation” which leads them into a journey for a specific purpose. It may be to “heal” or maintain good health or perhaps to just find away to relieve the everyday “stress” of their life. Still others find meditation a good practice to connect with their inner power that allows them to bring this flow of power to their outer world.

Meditation can bring a transformation of perspective which, at ALMA PACÍFICA, we call INNER VISION. Those of us seeking our true nature will find that meditation can help us calm the winds of turbulence that we are living in.