Food for the Soul

colorful garden fresh vegatables


One of the big questions that is asked is do you eat before meditation and if so, “what” do you eat. We suggest that you meditate on an empty stomach without having any food or liquids an hour or two before meditation. This way your body is in a more quiet state of contemplation. You may find over time that your diet changes to more natural foods such as fruits and vegetables with more grains and foods on the “lighter” side.

Nutrition is a very personal thing and it is up to you as to what you put in your body. Our suggestion is to eat healthy and let your body tell you what it needs. With time passing, meditation may help you to feel lighter in spirit and therefore your need for heavier foods such as red meats may diminish. Many people move more toward fish, chicken and much lighter foods. Make sure you honor your nutrition needs and listen to what your intuition and body is telling you.

It is common practice in may spiritual devotions to “fast” one day a week and clear the energy in your body. Again, this is a very personal choice but certainly one that can bring some wonderful benefits to your health and well being. You will have a growing awareness of what you feed your “BODY” and your “MIND” and we encourage to be sensitive to these needs.