Our Meditations

Harmony – Introduction to Meditation
This meditation will help you find balance and harmony in your world. It is a brief look at what meditation is and how to weave it through your life. You will find the serenity and calmness to move forward into a world of meditation journeys with Alma Pacífica.

Journey of the Heart
This meditation centers on your Heart chakra and helps you to find the rhythm in your life, starting with your heartbeat. The “Journey of Your Heart” meditation helps you to open the door and take a look at the things of your emotional life. Learn how to speak and think the language of the heart and live your life with the things you love in a very positive way.

Abundance – The Infinite Source
This is a powerful meditation that helps you to investigate what your REAL feelings about money & abundance are. By digging deep into your thoughts and feelings of abundance or lack, success or failure, you will begin to see what your old ideas and true feelings are about your relationship to money & success. It will also help you to put out positive thoughts that will attract a good job, a flow of money, and it will help you realize a successful life in all areas of your world. This is another meditation that may stay at the top of your list for a daily practice.

Perfect Health – You Are The Miracle
This is probably one of the most important mediations we offer. Without good health, your life and world suffers. It will help you to understand just how harsh and harmful the effect of stress are in your life. This meditation will show you how to eliminate the daily elements that can cause you to feel upset, anxious, fearful, worried and just plain “stressed out”. By bringing calm to your world, and an understanding of what triggers your stress and anxiety, your body can relax, your breathing can feel light and a weight on your shoulders will be lifted. We highly recommend that you do this mediation every day !

Ego and Competition – Wings of Grace
In this complicated world, we often times come from Fear & Ego and our actions follow. This meditation helps you to stop and take a look at your “motivation” and the need to have an inflated Ego. It will help you to really see WHY you are so competitive and realize that this is not true power. This guided mediation will help you live from a place of real power and not false Ego. It will show you how to have a healthy Ego and excel with pride and positive energy. This is a great mediation to strengthen your world, especially in the work force.

Love and Relationships – Colors of Love
Love is the most powerful emotion there is and this meditation journey will really help you to feel what positive and healthy love is, not additive love. Whether it is love of family, friends or romantic love, this is a wonderful way to experience how you really “feel” in your life. What you really think about love and how it effects your daily life. It can help you find your “true love” and help heal wounds in your family to restore a feeling of love and harmony. It will also help you to keep healthy and loving relationships with friends in your personal life, your professional life and working environment.

Fear of Letting Go – Your Peaceful Heart
This is a very deep meditation that helps you take a look at how fear & anxiety have ruled your life and how to get these fears under control. It is a journey for life that allows you to take each day and live it from a place of feeling “safe”, not afraid. You will move thru your day with this mediation learning to listen to your “intuitive” thoughts that help you make positive good choices and the best decisions for your highest good and the highest good of all. Most importantly, it will help you banish that nagging anxiety that lives in the pit of your stomach. Starting your day with this meditation is a great way to create a better life each day.

Self Esteem – You Loving You
This is a very tender meditation that helps you to be kind to yourself on your journey to self- discovery. It will give you a closer look at the areas in your life where you suffer from feeling “less than”. Help to “heal” those negative thoughts caused by life experiences. You will feel very positive and learn to love yourself so much more…