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Known Issues

Current Version1.3; released 04/01/2012

DOWNLOAD ISSUES. There’s been a few complaints that the downloads have stopped in the middle of the download. We find that this issue is do to a weak signal.

Problem downloading??

After you purchase your meditation from the “MORE” PAGE, it will automatically start downloading onto the “MY LIST” PAGE. You can continue to purchase more meditations at this point and they will just line up to download sequentially. IF your download “FAILS”, Do the following:

OPTION 1: Click on the failed download, then click on another meditation on the MY LIST page. It should shutdown the APP. Click on the APP icon and restart. Once the APP starts the download should continue.

OPTION 2: Delete the APP and reinstall. Hold your finger on the APP icon until it “wiggles” CLICK on the “X” and delete. Please re install at this point and your list will stay intact. The failed download should be back on the MORE PAGE list.
Click on it to BUY, it will inform you that you have already purchased it and will ask if you want to download. Agree!

We at Alma Pacifica take pride in making this a very easy experience for the User.. We want you to enjoy these wonderful meditations. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause and will do everything we can to make this APP work flawlessly for you.

Thank you and Enjoy the the Meditation and your well being!

The Alma Pacifica Team

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