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Alma Pacífica is a path to...


In the silence of your Journey of the Heart, quiet those inner voices and you will hear inspiration.


When you communicate from a place of inner love & clarity, then you attract powerful and wonderful relationships.


Find your creative soul…and dwell  in the inspiration of  what you love.



When you find your Inner PEACE,  you've found everything.


Listen to your soul, guide you to your purpose in this life. Drop the veil of resistance and find happiness, joy & contentment.


When you see abundance everywhere in your life, then you will live a successful, Abundant life filled with financial freedom.


If your body is full of light and at ease, there is no place for Dis-ease. Rejoice in knowing your “Perfect Health”.


Living your dreams and being proud of your accomplishments brings

Balance in this life.

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  •   Jon C Jackson- Water Flow Over Me
  •   Jon C Jackson-Wind Carry Me
  •   Jon C Jackson - Waves of Enchantment
  •   Jon C Jackson - Ancient Wisdom
  •   Jon C Jackson - Green Meadows
  •   Jon C Jackson - Passages of Time
  •   Jon C Jackson - Earth My Journey
  •   Jon C Jackson - Flying Free
  •   Jon C Jackson - Space
  •   Jon C Jackson - Inner Vision

Enjoy this sampling of our music from Jon C Jackson's Inner Vision album.


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About Us

The Alma Pacífica (IOS) APP offers many “types” of meditation journeys for very specific reasons.   The frequency with which you meditate may depend on the TYPES of meditation journey you choose.   You may do a DAILY RELAXATION meditation to stay in the flow of life.   For more specific journeys, you may find that you use these meditations at different times of the day.  For instance, our meditation on HARMONY may be a daily meditation for you if your life tends to have more stress.  In this case, you may want to use this meditation in the morning to set the tone for your day.  If you simply want to have more loving relationships, you may want to focus on the Love & Relationships meditation throughout your day.   Perhaps you have difficulty sleeping and therefore you may want to listen to “The Journey Of The Heart” before you go to sleep at night.  You will find what meditations you are drawn to.



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