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Meditation is a personal journey to your soul. Through learning to meditate and quieting your mind, you will find your INNER VISION.

Our joy here at Alma Pacífica is to provide “guidelines” for your personal journey and to help you move through the ups & downs of life. At Alma Pacífica, we have created various GUIDED meditations for very specific subjects, which we feel can bring peace of mind in such a turbulent world we are living in today.

If you are NEW to meditation and find it hard to “quiet your mind”, these meditations are designed to help you get started. For some, it feels like a natural way to go within and silence all thoughts. For others, it can be a process to find this inner vision. Since we are all “uniquely” different, we have some general suggestions and guidance on the “Meditations” page to help you get started.

Alma Pacífica has many “types” of journeys for very specific reasons. The frequency with which you meditate may depend on the TYPES of meditation journey you choose. You may do a DAILY RELAXATION meditation to stay in the flow of life. For more specific journeys, you may find that you use these meditations at different times of the day. For instance, our meditation on HARMONY may be a daily meditation for you if your life tends to have more stress. In this case, you may want to use this meditation in the morning to set the tone for your day. If you simply want to have more loving relationships, you may want to focus on the “Love & Relationships” meditation throughout your day. Perhaps you have difficulty sleeping and therefore you may want to listen to “The Journey Of The Heart” before you go to sleep at night. You will find what meditations you are drawn to.



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Peace, love & grace -has it ALL!!! – ★★★★★
by KaterinaLaGata – Version 1.5 – Mar 30, 2012
I love, love love these meditations!! The music and voices are both such a treat!! And at these affordable prices I’ve gotten several and enjoy having many choices…. I also think it’s awesome to have both English and Spanish versions, the language practice adds a boost to my self-confidence ~YEY!! =)


A great way to let go of ANXIETY & RELAX from Dr. Brock Summers! ★★★★

Patients suffering from anxiety and sleep disorders are always asking me for advice on relaxation techniques. Whether you are trying to learn to relax solely through a holistic method or in combination with medications, I found the “Harmony” meditation very helpful. I like the shorter format of time for each meditation and that it can be accessed as an app on your mobile device. I wish you all the success in developing this site.

Brock H. Summers, MD
Psychiatrist in Private Practice


I recently had the pleasure of experiencing three different guided meditations from Alma Pacifica. I have had little, to no experience with meditation of any sort. I am the type of person that is easily distracted and have found it difficult to meditate in the past. However I found the three Alma Pacifica guided meditations that I experienced (Harmony, Abundance & Perfect Health) easy to follow, soothing, and ultimately refreshing. Thank you for creating these convenient, mini-guided “meditation sessions” for people who need a quick dose of peace, enlightment and inspiration where ever they might be!

Paul Anthony Romero
classical pianist & soundtrack composer


The Alma Pacifica APP provides the perfect respite from the world of crashing monetary funds, people complaining about the economy, skyrocketing prices, desperate friends and daily negativity. We owe it to ourselves, especially now, to grab a moment each day and replenish our souls and minds. I was hooked about 30 seconds into the program and was amazed at how quickly my sense of well-being kicked in. It felt so great to relax again.

Robb Weller
TV Producer

I like them – ★★★★

by Greg. L – Version 1.2 – Nov 28, 2011

The five meditations I bought are pleasant, calming and soothing. We shall see if they work but I noticed a perceptible difference in foot pain after listening to the health meditation for the first time so there is hope. The only fly on the ointment was that it took a while to download. Contacting Alma Pacifica, they were very fast responding to my emails and the downloads through Apple finally came through. I’m impressed, will buy all the full offerings soon and hope for great things from the meditations.


Perfect Health – Review. 12-16-11

I’ll start by saying that I’m not someone that has meditated a lot in my life. However, I’ve always been saying that I should do it more.
Well, I laid down and listened to “Perfect Health”. Even though I’m not sick, I found it healing and cleansing. After all, we might be carrying “baggage” that we are unaware of. I usually experience back and shoulder tension after a day’s work, but after listening I felt a warmth and a glow inside and outside my body. Everything just felt lighter, at the same time I had a healthy “grogginess.”

It’s amazing what 15 minutes can do to either start a day or end a day.
The true benefit for me was that I slept through the night, which I never do.

I woke up fresh and without neck pain from tossing and turning all night.
One important element to this meditation was that the woman speaks with a very soothing voice and the music is is well produced around her voice.
And that’s the key, to be invited by the voice and the music, and for a moment get carried away.

I’m looking forward to purchasing more of these meditations and keep having wonderful experiences.

-the musician up on the hill.


The “Perfect Health” meditation is absolutely Beautiful! It is perfect in every way from the exquisite choice of accompanying music and sounds to Arlene’s loving words and visuals that only Beverly can deliver in her special and gifted way. I feel wonderful after my first listening and I am going to move to my bedroom and lay down and listen again. I can’t say enough. I am in awe on how special this is. It means so much to me. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all. Please let me know when the series is complete. I would like to purchase it.