About Us

ARLENE MATZA-JACKSON - brings many years of experience, study, devotion, and love for meditation in the practices of spiritual studies.  A graduate of the National Academy of Metaphysics and long-time devoted student of her beloved Teacher, Beverly Gaard, her journey began thirty years ago on the path of enlightenment.  Having been involved in many of the beautiful spiritual paths from the Self Realization Fellowship (SRF) spending many years at the Lake Shrine,  to the study of Buddhist philosophies, Science of Mind (where she went through all the practitioner courses), and many other spiritual paths, she has woven this love into  MEDITATION JOURNEYS.   With her long-time career in music and entertainment as an artist (a songwriter, writer, gardener and landscape designer) and her strong love for nature & animals, she has always been a spiritual seeker.   Arlene’s creative energies and passion stemmed from her meditation practices.  Her love of music and nature surrounds everything she touches.   Along with her artistic career, she has blended all her wisdom and teaching skills into serving as a life mentor for many years.   As a writer, she paints her spiritual vision on the canvas of these healing and enlightening meditations.  All her knowledge, light, passion, and wisdom are filtered through her words and heart in these guided Meditation Journeys.



JON JACKSON is a composer and photographer whose passion has been surrounded by meditation for the last thirty years.   He has also enjoyed a long career as a Lighting Director/Gaffer in the entertainment industry, and has been involved in many healing arts shows (Yoga, Meditation, Health, and Healing).   Jon’s strong sense of commitment to his spiritual evolvement led him to his studies and mentors in that field.   On this path, he met and married Arlene Matza-Jackson, and together they have been devoted to their spiritual studies of enlightenment.  A graduate of the National Academy of Metaphysics, after years of devoted study on his spiritual path, Jon was inspired to use his musical gifts to compose his debut cd “Inner Vision”. His beautiful spiritual music provides a soothing backdrop to Alma Pacífica’s guided meditation APPs.   His gifts of photography and vision bring magnificent images of flowers and nature.  Some of his personal treasures he shares with us.


Together, Jon and Arlene founded ALMA PACÍFICA to bring this wisdom and

Meditation enlightenment to the Latin and English markets.  They formed a wonderful partnership with their longtime friends and spiritual partners,  Rene Navarro,  Paola Ochoa.



RENE NAVARRO – was born in Mexico City, and even as a young child “star,”  he knew that he was destined to take his skills in communicating and entertaining people  to a higher ground.   He grew up in search of more spiritual knowledge and surrounded himself with friends and wise mentors who lead by example.   In his adult life, he came to California to follow a successful career as a Television Host, Voice- Over Talent, and Radio Host, all the while integrating his spiritual path of enlightenment.   His soothing voice on these Meditation Journeys  brings a sense of calm and inner peace, making us feel like we are in a safe harbor.